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This year, as part of the November 6, 2018 General Elections, four (4) seats are to be filled on the CSD Board of Directors. The qualifications for nominee and elective officer of the District are: Resident and registered voter of the District.


Three full-term (4-year) seats currently held by incumbents Jane Baron, Gil Grace and Steve Roberts are on the ballot.


Additionally, a separate election on the same ballot will be held to fill the unexpired (2-year) portion of the term left by the resignation of Larry Muell. Gregory Hahn was appointed and currently holds this seat.


Declaration of Candidacy forms are available Monday – Friday from July 16, 2018 until 5:00 pm, August 10, 2018 at the office of the Kern County Clerk, 1115 Truxtun Avenue, Bakersfield, CA.


Declaration of Candidacy forms will also be available at these locations and dates:

*Mojave Administration Building – 1775 Highway 58, Tuesday; July 24 and Tuesday, July 31, 2018

*Ridgecrest Administration Building – 400 N. China Lake Blvd; Thursday, July 26 and Thursday, August 2, 2018

*Kern County Elections Office – 1115 Truxtun Avenue; Saturday, July 28 and Saturday, August 4, 2018


Further details and candidate information can be found at the Kern County Elections Office website.





The Bear Valley Community Services District is now accepting applications for Laborer (Seasonal) in the Public Works Department starting at $12.96/hour. Must have a working knowledge of tools and equipment and be able to perform maintenance and repair tasks on roads and right-of-ways, water and wastewater systems and district facilities.  Please send your resume and application to Bear Valley CSD, 28999 S. Lower Valley Road, Attn: Temporary Laborer Recruitment.


NO phone calls please.


Applications are available at the District Office or CLICK HERE.


Bear Valley Community Services District is an Equal Opportunity Employer.




May 21, 2018


Bear Valley Community Services District General Manager David Edmonds has announced that he will be going out on medical leave to address a serious medical condition that will require one or more surgeries in the near future.  According to his medical providers, Mr. Edmonds will most likely be unable to resume his duties as General Manager following the surgeries.  As such, the District has engaged the executive search firm Bob Murray & Associates to conduct the recruitment for a new General Manager.


Mr. Edmonds has not provided a final working date, but instead has graciously agreed to remain with the District to aid in the transition and upcoming budget process, so long as it does not further jeopardize his health. In recognition of the severity of his condition, Mr. Edmonds approached the Board of Directors and urged them to begin the recruitment process to find his successor as soon as possible.


“We were very saddened to learn about David’s condition,” said Gil Grace, President of the Board of Directors.  “I have worked with David since he was hired, and the professionalism, energy, and passion he brought to the job have been instrumental in putting the administration of the District on a more solid foundation and moving matters forward in many critical areas.  The Board is cautiously optimistic that David may be able to provide consulting or other services to the District in some capacity in the future, but for the moment, we acknowledge the need to find a replacement, which is why we have retained a recruiting firm that specializes in public sector local government searches. We are also exploring options for an Interim General Manager should Mr. Edmonds’ condition worsen prior to the transition.”


Mr. Edmonds joined the District as General Manager in July 2014.  Prior to coming to Bear Valley Springs, Mr. Edmonds held a number of executive management positions leading various public agencies throughout California, including counties, cities, and districts.


District staff joins the Board in expressing their appreciation for Mr. Edmonds’ outstanding service and wishing him well as he faces challenges of a different and personal nature.





On April 12, 2018, the Board of Directors of the Bear Valley Community Services District unanimously passed Resolution 17/18-23 confirming the appointment of Gregory Hahn to the vacancy left upon the resignation of Director Larry Muell. Mr. Hahn will serve until the next General Election in November 2018.


Mr. Hahn has been a Bear Valley Springs resident since 2009 and is active in the community, with involvement in wild animal rescue, disaster preparedness, community theater, amateur radio and the Challenge the Bear bike ride. He also volunteers with Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) and Central California Animal Disaster Team (CCADT). 


Welcome Greg, and thank you for your willingness to serve our community.






Bear Valley Community Services District is pleased to announce the appointment of Timothe Melanson to serve as Chief of Police for Bear Valley Police Department. Melanson has had a distinguished career in law enforcement, spending the majority of his career with the Kern County Sheriff’s Office, and achieving the rank of Patrol Operations Commander. He has also served as a Deputy, Senior Deputy, Sergeant, and Lieutenant in a variety of special assignments and in smaller sub-stations across the county, giving him an excellent insight and understanding of the law enforcement needs of smaller, rural communities such as Bear Valley Springs.


Melanson holds an Associate’s Degree from Bakersfield College, a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Union Institute and University, and a Master’s Degree in Public Policy and Administration from California State University, Bakersfield.


Melanson is well-respected in his field and his extensive experience in law enforcement and his passion for Community Oriented Policing make him an ideal fit for our community.


Chief Melanson will begin his work with Bear Valley Police Department on March 28, 2018. A formal welcome and swearing-in ceremony will take place at the April 12, 2018 Regular Meeting of the Bear Valley Community Services District Board of Directors. 



One of the great advantages of living in Bear Valley Springs is the abundance and variety of wildlife. Seeing a black bear or a large group of elk is an exciting opportunity, but along with this privilege comes responsibility to protect both ourselves and our wildlife. Here are a few facts to remember:

  • While elk appear gentle and docile in the summer months, they are wild and skittish animals that can become aggressive and charge without warning if approached too closely.
  • If a wild animal feels threatened, it will act out aggressively.
  • If you encounter a wild animal, utilize the Thumb Trick. Extend one arm with a thumb up, close one eye and attempt to hide the animal with your thumb. If the animal cannot fit behind the entirety of your thumb, back up and give the animal more space.
  • Use binoculars or a zoom lens to achieve that close-up view
  • If wild animals have access to human food and garbage, they want more and more. They lose their natural fear of humans and can become aggressive.
  • Once a wild animal is habituated, they become a dangerous nuisance and may have to be euthanized.

Wild animals are our neighbors and most will not bother us. They naturally fear humans and keep their distance – so long as they remain fully wild. It is our responsibility not to annoy them, entice them, or interfere with their natural instincts to avoid us.


Important Reminders Regarding the Gate

1. Please do not give out your Tract and Lot. If you need a pass for a guest, contractor or worker, please call in the Tract and Lot yourself - 821-5261. Giving out this number may jeopardize the security of Bear Valley.

2. Please slow down while entering and exiting through the gate. The posted speed limit is 10 mph.

3. There is only one phone line at the gate; please be patient if it is busy. Do not call the Police Dept.

4. You can also fax your pass requests to 821-3507.

5. For special events - weddings, baby showers, birthday parties, etc:

  • Prepare a list for the gate well in advance with location of event and dates and times

  • Make sure you tell your guests that their names will be listed under “Special Events”

  • Bring your guest list to the gate or fax (821-3507) at least 24 hrs. in advance of your event

6. Please make sure you have a current decal on your vehicle and/or show a current amenities card with a blue BVSA sticker adhered to it

Remember: The gate personnel appreciate the residents of Bear Valley and they are here to ensure your security as well as doing their best to make sure you get through as easy and quickly as possible.   





IMPORTANT: Should your vehicle become stuck on the road during winter weather, please make sure that it is off to the side of the road, leaving room for snow plows and emergency crews.  Please attempt to have the vehicle moved as soon as possible to help prevent any accidents. All vehicles will be towed after 72 hours (sooner if they are deemed to be a safety hazard). If necessary, park at the Whiting Center or outside the gate and make other transportation arrangements. If your vehicle is stuck in the roadway itself, notify the Police Department immediately at 821-3239.

What We Can Do:

When snow starts sticking to the roads, our Roads Supervisor is notified and plow crews are called out. Roads are plowed according to the Priority Road Clearing List. IMPORTANT: Please do not park your vehicle so that it intrudes into the roadway. Crews cannot clear and widen roads if they are blocked by parked vehicles.

  • Roads to be plowed first:

    Bear Valley Road; Lower Valley Road; Cumberland; San Juan; Jacaranda; Paramount; Deertrail; Starland; Skyline; Saddleback

  • Roads to be plowed second:

    El Rancho; Stirrup; Wilderness; Surrey; Goldspike; Rolling Oak; Greenwater; Pinedale; Bear Valley Access Roads 

  • Roads to be plowed third:

    All other District roads

  • Please Note: Sometimes it is necessary to clear the priority roads several times before moving on to the next level. During snowy conditions the Roads Crew works long shifts both day and night with the help of both the Water Department and Facilities Maintenance crews. After the priority list has been completed, crews will move to secondary and side roads. When conditions allow, roads will be widened, cul-de-sacs cleared and icy areas may be sanded or rocked.

    What We Cannot Do:

  • We cannot plow ice. Icy roads are treacherous and if at all possible, stay off of them until the crews have had the chance to spread rock or sand. Even on rocked roads, traction is limited, so drive slowly and allow extra time to reach your destination safely.

  • We cannot clear private driveways or other private property, or remove the build-up of snow along the roadways caused by the plows.

  • Plow drivers cannot pull out or tow stranded vehicles.

    What You Can Do:

  • Always SLOW DOWN.

  • Carry a shovel in your vehicle and make sure you have chains that fit properly and are sized for your tires.

  • Obey ‘4x4 or Chains Only’ road restrictions.

  • Understand that the office, gate or dispatch staff are unable to give you an estimate when your particular road will be plowed. You can be assured that the crews are working hard to clear all roads in a safe and efficient manner.

  • Leave plenty of space between your car and the snow plow.Even if you are following in the fresh tracks, you can still lose traction and run into the plow or lose control.Snow plows have spreaders on the back to apply red rock on the road surface to increase traction in icy conditions; this rock can damage your windshield and paint.

  • Leave plenty of space between your car and other vehicles on the road.

  • Plows are very heavy and take a long time to stop so do not pull out in front of them.

  • Do not pass plow trucks. Slow down, stay a safe distance back, and the driver will pull over in a safe spot as soon as practical.

  • To avoid damage to your vehicle and creating a hazard for residents and plow crews, park your cars safely out of the road right-of-way.

    Common courtesy is the rule during plowing operations; remember that the plow crews have been working long hours, sometimes up to 16 hour double shifts to keep your roads clear. So give them a smile and wave, be patient, and maybe even say “Thanks!” if you get the chance. With a little understanding and mutual respect, we will all ‘weather’ this winter in great shape.




Access to information concerning the conduct of the people's business by state and local agencies is a fundamental right of every person in California. To ensure this right, the California Public Records Act gives every person the right to inspect any public record. If an agency receives a request to inspect an identifiable, disclosable record, the agency must promptly make the record available. As a local agency, Bear Valley Community Services District is subject to the California Public Records Act.


A more thorough explanation of the California Public Records Act can be found at this link: CPRA Compliance Manual.







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