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MAY 9, 2015

8:00am – 12:00 noon

On May 9, 2015, Bear Valley CSD, along with many other agencies in the Greater Tehachapi Area, will be participating in the community-wide Spring Clean-Up Days.

Bins will be available for residents to drop off:

 BULKY ITEMS                          ELECTRONIC WASTE                SHREDDING                          

       Appliances                                Computers                            Documents

       Furniture                                    Monitors                             (3 boxes max)

       Lumber                                     Televisions  

Please NO:

Hazardous waste – motor oil, paint, batteries, chemicals, etc.


                           Concrete or construction materials

Staff will be available from 8:00 - Noon to help unload your items.



What We Can Do:

When snow starts sticking to the roads, our Roads Supervisor is notified and plow crews are called out. Roads are plowed according to the Priority Road Clearing List.

  • Roads to be plowed first:

Bear Valley Road; Lower Valley Road; Cumberland; San Juan; Jacaranda; Paramount; Deertrail; Starland; Skyline; Saddleback

  • Roads to be plowed second:

El Rancho; Stirrup; Wilderness; Surrey; Goldspike; Rolling Oak; Greenwater; Pinedale; Bear Valley Access Roads 

  • Roads to be plowed third:

All other District roads

After the priority list has been completed, roads will then be widened, cul-de-sacs cleared and icy areas may be sanded or rocked.  Sometimes it is necessary to clear the priority roads several times before moving on to the next level. During snowy conditions the Roads Crew works long shifts both day and night with the help of both the Water Department and Facilities Maintenance crews.

What We Cannot Do:

  • We cannot plow ice. Icy roads are treacherous and if at all possible, stay off of them until the crews have had the chance to spread rock or sand. Even on rocked roads, traction is limited, so drive slowly and allow extra time to reach your destination safely.

  • We cannot clear private driveways or other private property, or remove the build-up of snow along the roadways caused by the plows.

  • Plow drivers cannot pull out or tow stranded vehicles.

What You Can Do:

  • Always SLOW DOWN.

  • Carry a shovel in your vehicle and make sure you have chains that fit properly and are sized for your tires.

  • Obey ‘4x4 or Chains Only’ road restrictions.

  • Understand that the office, gate or dispatch staff are unable to give you an estimate when your particular road will be plowed. You can be assured that the crews are working hard to clear all roads in a safe and efficient manner.

  • Leave plenty of space between your car and the snow plow.Even if you are following in the fresh tracks, you can still lose traction and run into the plow or lose control.Snow plows have spreaders on the back to apply red rock on the road surface to increase traction in icy conditions; this rock can damage your windshield and paint.

  • Leave plenty of space between your car and other vehicles on the road.

  • Plows are very heavy and take a long time to stop so do not pull out in front of them.

  • Do not pass plow trucks. Slow down, stay a safe distance back, and the driver will pull over in a safe spot as soon as practical.

  • To avoid damage to your vehicle and creating a hazard for residents and plow crews, park your cars safely out of the road right-of-way.

Common courtesy is the rule during plowing operations; remember that the plow crews have been working long hours, sometimes up to 16 hour double shifts to keep your roads clear. So give them a smile and wave, be patient, and maybe even say “Thanks!” if you get the chance. With a little understanding and mutual respect, we will all ‘weather’ this winter in great shape.





With the arrival of cold weather, it is important to remember that we should continue to take preventative measures to conserve water during the winter season.


The number one cause of water waste in winter is broken pipes. Standing water in your lines can freeze, causing expansion which can crack your water lines and leave you with a water break. What is worse is that sometimes you won’t even notice the break right away because the pipe remains frozen or because the ground is so saturated that you might miss any unusual wet areas.


There is a way to prevent this: First, all sprinkler & drip systems should be turned off and drained completely of standing water. If possible, shut off all outside water lines, leaving hose bibs open. Make sure all watering hoses have been disconnected.


Second, all exposed outside pipes such as hose bibs should be wrapped and insulated. You can even use an old towel if you like, but be sure to also provide a water proof covering—a plastic bag or duct tape works well—to prevent the fabric from getting wet and then freezing.


Lastly, be sure to turn off your meter at the street if you plan to leave for a weekend or longer. The worst welcome home is a big water break. Most meters have a control valve installed which you can use to turn your water off and on as needed. The valve is in the meter box, situated between your house and the meter. Give this ball valve a 90 degree turn, making sure you open a sink in the house afterwards to ensure that all water lines are free of standing water.


Just these few easy precautionary measures will prevent the majority of winter water woes.




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