Public Works Department


 The Bear Valley Community Services District Public Works includes the following departments: 
Solid Waste


The CSD maintains 110 miles of roads within Bear Valley Springs, maintains drainage channels and clears snow from the roads.  The CSD owns and maintains all of its road repair equipment and snow plows.  Major road repair and paving projects are done every three years by contract. Pursuant to Government Code 61105(f), the Bear Valley Community Services District may, for roads owned by the district, limit access to and the use of those roads to the landowners and residents of the district. For this purpose, the district operates a 24 hour manned security gate.


The fresh water system consists of nearly 30 wells, 40 storage tanks, and 110 miles of delivery pipe, and is monitored and maintained by the CSD's Water Department.  The system provides quality drinking water to all residents.  The CSD also maintains a water importation system, which provides fesh water from district-owned wells in nearby Cummings valley to meet peak summer demand.  Each lot is metered and monthly billings are made according to water usage.  The CSD also provides water for recreational lakes and the golf course.


The CSD provides wastewater treatment at its facility on Lower Valley Road.  Residents and amenities inside the Lower Valley Road loop (golf course area) are hooked into this sewer system.  Effluent water from this treatment plant is used on the golf course.


The CSD maintains a central solid waste transfer station for use by its residents.  An adjacent area is provided for the disposal of green waste (landscape debris) and there is a special area for horse manure.


Performs general maintenance of all district-operated buildings as well as performs various tasks for all other departments: such as maintaining all snow plow equipment and police vehicles.  The Facilities department also constructs, installs and maintains the mailbox stands throughout the valley.  


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