List of Unclaimed Funds


Bear Valley Community Services District maintains a List of Unclaimed Funds (outstanding checks which have not cleared our bank account after three months from issue.)


In accordance with California Government Code 50050-50056, the District may dispose of unclaimed funds as follows:

  • Amounts less than $15 – the District staff may bring a resolution to the Board of Directors to transfer the funds to its general fund or back to the fund from which it came
  • Amounts more than $15 – the District may take possession after the funds have been unclaimed for three years. After such three year period, the District must publish a notice once a week for two successive weeks in a newspaper of general circulation published in the District. The notice must state the individual amounts of the unclaimed money, the fund in which the money is held, and the date on which the money will become the property of the District if it remains unclaimed.


To promote transparency, the List of Unclaimed Funds is posted and updated regularly before such action is taken. If you have a claim against any of the listed funds, please contact the District:


Jonathan Orozco

Accountant II



LINK: List of Unclaimed Funds



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