The CSD Board of Directors is looking for you to bring your talents as a citizen volunteer to one of the following district committees:






District Ordinance Code Title One, Chapter 5-10 establishes committees of the Board for the purpose of reviewing certain matters of District interest and for making recommendations to the Board on such matters. The committees and their purposes are:

  • Administration – reviews personnel, general District policy and other management matters
  • Finance – reviews budgetary and other financial matters
  • Infrastructure – reviews plans for the development, operation and maintenance of District infrastructure
  • Communications – assists in informing property owners and residents of Bear Valley Springs of District policies and activities
  • Public Safety – reviews public safety issues such as oversight of police, disaster preparedness and response programs and fire protection. This committee roster is currently full.

If you are interested in serving on any of the above committees as a volunteer, submit a letter of interest to the Bear Valley CSD at 28999 S. Lower Valley Rd, Tehachapi CA 93561:  Attention Kristy McEwen or email to   Letters must be received by March 31, 2016 and should briefly describe your experience relative to the committee you are applying for.  Citizen letters will be reviewed by the current committee members and the Board President will appoint the citizen volunteers for a one year term.

There is probably at least one committee of interest to you!  Don’t delay….turn your letter of interest in TODAY!   


  1. A committee’s only authority is to provide advice and make recommendations to the board consistent with the task assigned.
  2. All committees must comply with the provisions of the California Government Code concerning the calling of public meetings.

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