Board of Directors Declares Stage 2 Water Shortage


On August 14, 2014, the Board of Directors of the Bear Valley Community Services District declared a Stage Two Water Shortage Condition (“Stage Two Condition”) in response to State Water Resources Control Board emergency water conservation regulations that directed public water suppliers like the District to immediately adopt mandatory measures intended to reduce water consumption by 20%.

When a Stage Two Condition is declared, District water customers must follow all water conservation measures listed in District Code section 7-4-6(A) through 7-4-6(B) during the duration of the Stage Two Condition, which, at the moment, is expected to continue through April 30. 2015, unless sooner terminated or extended by the Board of Directors.  The applicable conservation measures are listed below.

  • Beginning with the October billing cycle: District water customers will also be subject to a water conservation surcharge, which will result in a 20% increase in the basic residential water rates during the Stage Two Condition for all water used by a residential customer in a month in excess of 10 units (1,000 cubic feet or 7480 gallons).

The applicable water conservation measures for all District customers during this Stage Two Condition are as follows:

District Code Section 7-4-6(A):

1. Preventing excessive water from flowing off the property served onto adjacent properties or sidewalks, gutters, surface drains, storm drains, or over land.

2. Use of drip irrigation systems or other methods designed to prevent excessive surface irrigation of landscaped areas, resulting in conditions such as puddling or runoff.

3. Immediate repair of all observable leaks of water on the customer's premises.

4. Use of a broom or a blower instead of a hose to clean driveways and paved surfaces. Use of water in washing down of driveways and other paved surfaces only when necessary to alleviate immediate fire or sanitation hazards.

5. Being careful not to leave a hose running while washing a vehicle.

6. Use of low flow shower heads and shortening the time spent in the shower.

7. Use of volume reduction devices in toilets and being careful not to use the toilet as an ashtray or wastebasket.

8. Reduction in water consumption for bathing, hand dishwashing and irrigation by reduction of flow time for these activities.

9. Running only full loads in the washing machine and dishwasher

10. Capturing cold tap water while waiting for hot water to come down the pipes, to be used later on house plants or garden.

11. Serving water to customers at the Oak Tree Country Club and Mulligan Room only upon specific request.

District Code Section 7-4-6(B):

1. Lawn Watering:

a. Lawn watering and landscape irrigation is permitted only Monday through Saturday between the hours of five o'clock (5:00) P.M. and eight o'clock (8:00) A.M., local time. However, this watering is permitted at any time on these days if a handheld hose is used, equipped with a nozzle that automatically shuts off when released, or when a handheld container or a drip irrigation system is used.

b. Lawn watering and landscape irrigation is prohibited on Sundays.

2. Construction Water: Construction water for grading and compacting may be used at any time, provided the water is from a source other than the district potable water system.

3. Potable Metered Water: Potable metered water may be used for other construction between seven o'clock (7:00) A.M. and five o'clock (5:00) P.M., local time.

4. Washing Vehicles, Equipment: Washing of vehicles or other equipment is permitted only if done using a handheld bucket or a handheld hose equipped with a nozzle that automatically shuts off when released.


These conservation measures will primarily be enforced by warnings, although fines and other penalties may be imposed for serious or repeat violations.  The District requests your cooperation in continuing to do everything you can to be “water wise.” 

If you would like to learn more about the Board’s declaration of a Stage Two Condition, a copy Resolution 14/15-4 along with a PowerPoint presentation made to the Board explaining the background of the State Water Conservation Board’s emergency regulations that necessitated this action is available for review on the District’s website: Click Here to view and at the District Offices, located at 28999 South Lower Valley Road, Tehachapi, California 93561.

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