Summary of an Ordinance



The Bear Valley Community Services District Board of Directors unanimously approved Ordinance 12-247 revising the district code language as it affects billing caps in the case of high water bills resulting from failures of private plumbing systems on individual lots. 
The ordinance was introduced for its first reading at a regular meeting of the Board of Director held on March 8, 2012. The second reading for adoption of the ordinance was held at a regular meeting of the Board of Directors on April 12, 2012. The board voted unanimously to approve the ordinance. (AYES: ZANUTTO, ROMANO, MASON, MORGAN, SHEA.)
Copies of the ordinance are available at the District’s office located at 28999 South Lower VAlleyRoad, Tehachapi, California, or you may call (661) 821-4428 during normal business hours. It is also posted on the District’s website at
Sandy Janzen, Assistant General Manager and Secretary to the Board of Directors of the Bear Valley Community Services District.

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