Forester Letter to Residents



To: Bear Valley Springs Timberland Owners

From: Jeff Gletne, Registered Professional Forester

I have been hired by Bear Mountain Ranch to write a Timber Harvest Plan (THP) in conjunction with a fuels reduction project on top of Bear Mountain. This THP will analyze all aspects of the affected environment, including fire, wildlife, soils, water quality, archaeological features, aesthetics, traffic, cumulative impacts, and rare, threatened, or endangered species,.

This comprehensive document, which is equivalent to an Environmental Impact Report, will take several months to develop and will be subject to approval and oversight by the State of California.

The expenses involved in the preparation of a THP make it cost prohibitive for those owning small acreages of timberland. However, the owner of Bear Mountain Ranch has generously offered to allow Bear Valley Springs landowners the opportunity to add their properties onto the THP if they so desire. This would allow removal of dead, dying, or diseased trees, or thinning to reduce the risk of fire or to improve forest health. I expect bark beetles to become increasingly active this year due to the dry conditions.

The logger that will do the work is one of the best in the State and does excellent work, including the job several years ago at Tehachapi Mountain Park. Operations are expected to begin in the fall.

If you think you may have an interest in this project, please contact me as soon as possible so we can decide if it would be beneficial to you. I can look at your property on my own if I have your address or together with you. I can be reached at:

Jeff Gletne

Sierra Forest Products



PO BOX 10060 • TERRA BELLA, CA 93270 -0060 • PHONE: 559-535-4893 • FAX: 559-535-4515


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