The Finance department processes accounts payable and accounts receivable, answers billing questions, contracts for the annual audit, publishes the annual budget and maintains all of the district's financial functions.



The CSD's services are funded by property taxes and special taxes and assessments collected by Kern County on the regular tax bill.  Some funds are collected through user fees such as water, sewer and refuse (solid waste) charges and through development fees, such as hookup fees for new water connections.

Finance Director Recruitment Flyer download/view
Budget FY 2017/18 download/view
FY 2017/18 Budget Presentation download/view
Budget FY 2016/17 download/view
Budget FY 2015/16 download/view
Budget FY 2014/15 download/view
Budget FY 2013/14 download/view
Budget FY 2012/13 download/view
Budget FY 2011/12 download/view
Budget FY 2010/11 download/view
Budget FY 2009/10 download/view
"Statler Report" General Fund 5 Yr Fiscal Forecast download/view
Audit FYE 6/30/2016 download/view
Audit FYE 6/30/2015 download/view
Audit FYE 6/30/2014 download/view
Audit FYE 6/30/2013 download/view
Audit FYE 6/30/2012 download/view
Audit FYE 6/30/2011 download/view
Audit FYE 6/30/2010 download/view

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