The CSD’s phone will be ringing off the hook as soon as the snow begins to fall. Each year, the most common question asked is “When will my street be plowed?” Unfortunately the office/gate/dispatch staff are unable to estimate when a specific street will be plowed given weather conditions and staffing. During snowy conditions the Roads Crew works long shifts through the night with the help of both the Water Department and Facilities Maintenance crews.
The CSD’s Road Supervisor takes command of the crews by following the Priority Road Clearing List (established 11/15/1991). 
Roads to be plowed first:
Bear Valley Road       Lower Valley Road    Cumberland    San Juan          Jacaranda Paramount              Deertrail                        Starland           Skyline            Saddleback
Roads to be plowed second:
El Rancho       Stirrup             Wilderness      Surry   Goldspike        Rolling Oak Greenwater         Pinedale            Bear Valley Access Roads     
Roads to be plowed third:
All other District roads
After the priority list has been completed, roads will then be widened and cul-de-sacs cleared. Sanding of the roads is at the discretion of the Road Supervisor.
During heavy storms the plows may be forced to clear the roads from the “to be plowed first list” several times before moving down the list. The CSD Public Works team works around the clock – sometimes in white-out conditions. Take care of your property by parking your car safely out of the road right of way to avoid causing a traffic hazard. 
Last year my husband’s tiny yellow car made it all the way to our street before slipping into the snow just short of our driveway. Neighbor kids came to our rescue with shovels, kitty litter (for traction), and muscle power to push the car up our driveway into a safe place.
The CSD plows the roads. The Association plows the parking lots to the following locations: Police Station, Equestrian Center, Whiting Center, Oak Tree Country Club, golf course parking lot, Bear Valley Springs Association, the Bear Valley Community Services District, and lake parking lots. With the Associations help, the CSD is able to continue to work the roads while the Association has cleared the lots for stranded vehicles to be safely parked.
Remember: residential driveways cannot be plowed. Driveways are private property and each resident’s personal responsibility. Unfortunately, as well as unintentionally, plows tend to pile a great deal of snow at the entrance of every driveway. If you need help with snow removal, the CSD does have a list of contractors that would be happy to help you for a fee.
On behalf of the entire CSD family I would like to thank each of you for your patience during inclement weather. The CSD is fortunate to work for some of the kindest most appreciative people I have ever come across – not to mention some of the best bakers! Thanks again for the cookies and goodies sent to our public works crew! The public works crew greatly appreciation your kindness. 

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