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Is the Post Office closing?

Unfortunately, it is likely the Contract Postal Unit will close in June 2016.

Why is the Board Considering Closing the Post Office?

An accurate accounting of expenditures during the budget process revealed that costs exceed revenues by approximately $65,800/year. The money to cover the shortfall comes directly from General Fund Property Taxes, the main source of funding for the Police and Dispatch Departments as well as the Security Gate.

Consequently, the Board faces the difficult decision of possibly cutting a convenience service in order to protect services more vital to the community. 

When will the Post Office Close?

As part of the budget process, the Board of Directors voted to fund the Contract Postal Unit through the end of the fiscal year, June 2016. A final determination will be made in February, 2016. However, if expenses continue to exceed revenues, and a sustainable, viable alternative funding source is not identified, the Postal Unit will close.

Will I Lose My Private Mail Box?

Customers can keep their PMB until the closure of the Postal Unit. Costs for renewals will be pro-rated at a monthly rate and overpayments will be refunded by the District.

What Will Happen if the Postal Unit Closes?

The District is looking into providing other convenience services such as automated kiosks for stamp purchase and mailing packages and possibly offering stamp purchase and limited services at the District Office and Dispatch counters. 

What About Locking Mailboxes?

The Board and District staff are actively pursuing locking mailboxes. CLICK HERE for more information.

Please contact the District office at 821-4428 with any further questions.

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