A Message From the Police Chief

Dear Residents,
We have received a number of inquiries regarding the legality of shooting to kill  wild pigs within the District.  In general, the discharge of firearms is prohibited on all District-owned property except at an approved gun range or through a permit issued by the District.  (District Code Section 6-3-4 C.1 and C.2.d)  The District’s Code does, however,  provide an exemption from this prohibition with respect to the discharge of firearms on private property if done in a manner authorized by California law.  (District Code Section 6-3-4 C.2.c)  The California Fish and Wildlife Code establishes a depradation permit system for the killing of certain large mammals, including wild pigs, where an owner’s property is being damaged by such animals.  These permits require that an application be made to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, and, if approved, the permit contains a number of conditions including the location(s) authorized for the killing of wild pigs, the permitted methods of the taking, as well as various reporting requirements.    A depradation permit is only valid for the limited period specified in the permit. 
Property owners or other persons who have been issued a depradation permit by the California Department of  Fish and Wildlife and who intend to kill wild pigs on private property within the District are encouraged to contact the Police Department in advance of any takings.
Rod Walthers
Police Chief

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