Commercial for PG&E



Greetings to the Bear Valley Springs Community.
On Saturday, June 16th, Greendot Films will be filming a portion of a TV commercial for PG&E at the pipeline excavation starting early in the morning and through the afternoon. We have been in meetings with CSD General Manager John Yeakley and Assistant GM Sandy Janzen outlining our plans and it has been suggested we distribute this notification of our operations.
In the early morning early afternoon there will be brief periods of a helicopoter flying low over PG&E’s pipeline excavation. We want to advise you of this so that you understand that there is no emergency operation with the helicopter and understand why it is hovering about.
We have planned our filming so as not to interfere with your Saturday in your town. Apart from the helicopter making short passbys, you most likely will not notice our presence.
We wish to be good visitors to your community and thank you in advance for your consideration.
If you have any questions or comments regarding our filming please relay them to Sandy at (661) 821-4428 and she will relay them to Greendot Films.
Thank you again for your consideration,
Ed French, Charlie Love & Chris Friedman; Locations Dept. for Greendot Films

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