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A special board meeting was held by the Bear Valley Community Services Board of Director on July 21, 2011 to appoint a new director. Board President Rob Northcutt resigned his position effective July 1, 2011 in order to move out of state to be closer to family.   Twelve residents submitted letters of interest:
Don Boyarski, John Bryant, Matthew Bryant, Gilbert Crook, Phil Darling, Gil Grace, Ralph Kermode, Robert Lefler, Justin Loucks, John McGuffey, John Morgan, and Daniel Pike.
All but three of the applicants were on hand to introduce themselves to the board and to take questions from directors Bill Mason, Al Romano, Bonnie Shea, and Rick Zanutto. Following failed motions to fill the vacancy with John Bryant, Phil Darling, Gil Grace, Robert Lefler, Matthew Bryant, and Ralph Kermode, a motion was made by Director Romano to fill the vacancy with John Morgan. Director Shea seconded the motion. The vote was a unanimous yes. 
Secretary to the Board of Directors, Sandy Janzen administered the Oath of Office to Mr. Morgan and Director Morgan took his seat at the board table. Director Romano made a motion for Acting President Zanutto to remain in his position. The motion was seconded by Director Mason and passed unanimously. Director Shea made a motion to appoint Director Romano to the position of Acting Vice President. Director Morgan seconded the motion. The motion passed with one no vote from Director Mason. 
Director Morgan will complete the term of Rob Northcutt through December 2012, and is welcome to run for election in November of 2012. The next board election of officers will take place in December 2011 (an annual event). All staff and directors were pleased with the letters of interest and made comments that the community was filled with talented, intelligent, and highly qualified residents. The board had a very difficult decision to make. While going through the process residents in the audience expressed their support for the applicants. Staff was deeply touched when Tehachapi Police Chief Kermode spoke on behalf of his father and applicant Ralph Kermode. It was the highlight of the evening for many of us! 
Also approved at the special board meeting was a bid in the amount of $224,900 awarded to the firm Pavement Coatings Company for chip sealing work on Saddleback and Fox Ridge. The project is scheduled to begin August 9th with expected completion on August 23, 2011.
In order to have the directors all named the same number of times in this article (as required by law): Zanutto, Zanutto, Shea, Mason. Politics!

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